Standard Stack Height For Diesel Generator (DG) Sets As Per CPCB Norms

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, lays down several rules and regulations for manufacturing and installing energy-generating devices that run on fossil fuels and emit harmful gases. Their aim to control the emission of these gases and other pollutants to prevent them from harming the society and the people living in it. Diesel Generator (DG) sets are one such widely used device that primarily uses diesel as its fuel with the highest thermal efficiency. 

DG sets emit some amounts of oxides of Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and other particulate matter, which can harm the surrounding habitat and organisms. This is why the CPCB has laid down a specific formula for deriving a minimum stack height of the DG sets’ exhaust outlet with respect to the height of the facility it is installed in to ensure that the emissions don’t come on contact with the surrounding habitat.

Calculating Stack Height Of DG sets For A Facility:

The minimum height of stack to be provided with each generator set can be worked out using the following formula :

H = h+0.2 x √ KVA  


H = Total height of stack in meter

h = Height of the building in meters where the generator set is to be installed

KVA = Total generator capacity of the set in KVA

This is an explicit formula for DG SET stack height calculation, irrespective of the type of industries where the generator set is installed.

Based on the above formula the minimum stack height to be provided with different range of generator sets may be categorized as follows:

For Generator Sets Total Height of stack in meter
50 KVA Ht. of the building + 1.5 meter
50-100 KVA Ht. of the building + 2.0 meter
100-150 KVA Ht. of the building + 2.5 meter
150-200 KVA Ht. of the building + 3.0 meter
200-250 KVA Ht. of the building + 3.5 meter
250-300 KVA Ht. of the building + 3.5 meter


These standards are applicable to all the gensets that are manufactured and installed in India. You should also know that if your organization fails to comply with these standards, you might end up facing grave legal problems such as hefty fines and total shut down. So, whenever buying a DG set, make sure that the manufacturer has followed these guidelines with substantial proof. However, if you’re looking for the best generator manufacturer in India who can provide the best DG sets with the highest of standards, Kala Genset is the only place you need to visit. Being one of the largest genset manufacturers in India, with Kala Genset, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best product in the market today. Visit the KALA Genset website to know more.