Site Planning for Different Types of Diesel Generator

A diesel Generator is crucial for Construction sites, Hospitals, Places of assembly, and Government offices. Depending on their usage and site availability, there are three main types of diesel generators most commonly used.
• Enclosed Permanent Diesel Generator
• Enclosed Portable Diesel Generator

In this blog, we will discuss the site planning and site preparation for the entire diesel mentioned above Generators. Let’s get started.

Enclosed Permanent Diesel Generator
These are the fully self-contained diesel back-up generator, enclosed and protected by a soundproof enclosure ready to use. Such diesel generators often rest on a concrete slab or a pad. Before proceeding with the site planning, it pays to check for National statutory & rectangular requirement and Local Planning Guidelines. The professional genset manufacturers in India start their site planning with a picture or drawing the generator with its required support systems. It gives you a general idea of the generator scale and what area shall it cover on the site.
Make sure you install roads or at least place the generator near the road to get easy access to large vehicles. Also, secure the area with proper fencing as safety is the prime concern for any business or construction site. Determine whether you need an above or below-ground fuel and where the electrical connections shall get routed. Provide fire protection equipment.

Planning the Concrete Pad
Concrete pads are the industry standard for most of the soil conditions, as the generator vibration quickly destabilize the gravel base. Below are the parameters one must look out for before installing the concrete pads for diesel generators:
• The ambient temperature of the concrete pour
• Vibration usage to eliminate bubble formation
• Whether the concrete is reinforced to take Dynamic load…i.e.1.5 times static DG weight
• The concrete pads should be at least 1.5 times the length and breadth of a generator
• Consult our leading diesel generator manufacturer in India for local and national planning regulations.


Incorporating Diesel Generator to the Pad
Both the generators and fuel supply are attached to the pad via the anchors. The main types of anchors are:
• Heavy-duty concrete anchors: These anchors are installed before pouring the concrete. The measurement and placement of the anchors should be perfect.
• Adhesive Bond Anchors: Once the concrete gets cured, a hole is drilled to affix the studs using an epoxy. The studs must be square and perfect in measurement.
• Mechanical Bond Anchors: After the curing process, the concrete is drilled to tighten the mechanical stud.


The Enclosed Portable Generators
When it comes to site planning and preparation, portable generators require less site preparation. The most important feature of a portable diesel generator in India is that it can be moved from one site to the other. The site preparation for such generators include:
• Road access to the site
• Planning sufficient headroom and side clearance for both transit and on-site
• Considering the ground conditions, determine if the generator rear wheels require dunnage.

Permanent Diesel Generators Installed Inside the Building
Diesel generators which are bound to be installed inside large buildings are usually self-contained ready to use. The components such as fuel system, cooling system, engine, and generator are all aligned on a skid and moved inside the building. To create this skid, there are the following points to consider:
• Lifting equipment – Typically a crane, portable Gantry, or large Forklift is needed to transport the skid from the delivery truck to its installing place.
• The concrete pad should be allocated sufficient room for maintenance of all parts of the generator if required.
• Attach generator skid mounts to the pad and make sure you measure and square them perfectly
• Ensure the generator room has enough air supply for its cooling purposes & ventilation.
• Install air cooling ducts or louvres
• Run an electrical drop after genset installation

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