Safety Rules For Using Generators During The Wet Weather

Losing power supplies during harsh weather conditions such as storms, hail, or heavy thunderstorms is natural. Thanks to generators that provide ample electricity supply in case of power-cut. But, using generators in wet weather is risky. Hence, as responsible genset manufacturers in India, we want to share some safety measures that you must take while operating generators in wet or snowy weather.

1. Use Enclosure For Gensets

Make sure your gensets are closed in insulated enclosures with an outlet for the exhaust. The enclosure provides extra safety from exposure to wet weather. Check for the enclosure specification before purchasing the genset.

2. Avoid Using Extensions

The supply extensions are risky, especially in bad weather. Typically, they are either placed on the ground or are fixed somewhere near gensets. But there is always a fear of pilferage of water into the device that may damage both the genset and electric circuit.

Instead, install a transfer switch so that you do not need to use an extension during wet weather.

3. Keep your Gensets On Elevated Platform

It is recommended to keep your gensets away from the lowest point of the house where water may pool. It is also recommended to keep them on an elevated platform and use a three-point plug for its operation.

4. Do not Touch Gensets With Wet Hands.

Do not operate the generator with wet hands or while standing in water. The watery surface acts as a conductor of electricity, allowing electricity to pass through it. Therefore, on touching the genset with wet hands, you become a conductor to pass electricity, giving you a shock.  Also, avoid touching gensets if it is placed on damp ground. If your genset is placed in an open area, ensure water does not splash on it.

5. Install It In A Safe Place

Install the generator inside only if it is completely dry. Otherwise, it poses a potential threat to give shocks or cause a short circuit of the power supply.

Choose A Genset That Provides Convenience

While purchasing, you can look for few things that add convenience to use the device. Here are some points to note

● Check Portability

Portable gensets have wheels on their base. The wheels allow you to carry the genset to the desired position and store it safely when not in use.

● Choose Steel Body To Provide Extra Safety

Choose a steel body genset. Apart from having a tough structure, it is lightweight, durable, corrosion-free, and shock-proof.

● Choose a Silent Genset

The generators have been modified to suit your lifestyle. Compared to other heavy, non -portable, fuel-consuming, and noise-producing gensets, we provide different ranges and sizes of genset to suit both commercial and domestic needs. We manufacture silent gensets that produce minimum or no noise. We are known as one of the best silent genset manufacturers in India.

To know more details about the generators we manufacture, you can connect to our team anytime.