MCC Panel Manufacturers

Catering to multiple markets, KALA has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of control panels including Standard Panels, AMF Panels, Synchronization Panel, LT/HT Panel, PCC Panel, MCC Panels, APC Panel, PLC Panels, and MIMIC Panels. Our PCC/MCC Panel designs are robust and rigidly constructed to withstand a wide range of industrial demands.

The supporting structures forming a framework are entirely punched and pressed with CNC machines. The panel door covers, partitions, and panel parts are well-fabricated to attain an optimum level of accuracy.

KALA pays great attention to the standard of workmanship to encompass each client’s customized requirements. Our world-class MCC panels are used in various industrial sectors to supply a precise amount of power to each section under assured system protection. Our MCC panels are well-equipped with:

  • AC variable frequency drives
  • Supports interlink with PLC
  • Feeder circuit breaker
  • Multiple power stabs to support high power industrial motor