Here’s How A Diesel Generator Helps Produce Electric Current

Here’s How A Diesel Generator Helps Produce Electric Current

An internal combustion diesel engine was originally invented in the 1890s and was employed in submarines and ships to replace steam engines. They were later downsized to fit trains and vehicles during the industrial revolution. Today they are used by several genset manufacturers in India for powering everything from factories to ordinary households.

Throughout this evolution of diesel engines, their fundamental working principle remained the same. The energy conversion principle states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another. Similarly, the diesel engine converts its chemical energy into mechanical energy, which can be further converted into other energy forms.

The Working Of Diesel Generators:

The diesel generator, also known as a Genset, uses diesel engines to create electricity. This process is enabled by a device called the AC alternator.

With diesel as its fuel, the internal combustion process causes the pistons to move a crankshaft directly connected to a rotating magnet called the ‘rotor’ of the AC alternator. The rotor spins at high speed and produces a magnetic field.

The Alternator consists of another pat called ‘stator,’ which are static conducting wires wound around a metal rod placed around the rotor. Since the rotor’s magnetic field cuts through the stator wires, an electromagnetic force (EMF) is induced along these wires, synchronously becoming the alternating current.

Types Of Diesel Generators:

Depending on the application to serve, genset manufacturers in India have some set standards or power ratings. Each type of rating offers a fixed output load and working hours with respect to its fuel capacity. These four ratings include:

  • Emergency Standby Power (ESP)
  • Prime Rated Power (PRP)
  • Limited-Time Power (LTP)
  • Continuous Operating Power (COP)

Of these four types, the ESP and LTP rating gensets are suited for standby applications along with regular power supply, whereas the PRP and COP rating gensets are directly used as the main power source for applications.

Various industries ranging from offices and schools to production factories and construction sites, use these generators for serving their on-demand electricity requirements. At Kala Biz, we also provide an additional range of high power gensets such as the MHP, HHP, and UHHP rating gensets, which can serve any large scale industry efficiently, with great cost-effectivity. We are one of the few generator manufacturers in India who create gensets that run on alternative fuel, such as Bio-Diesel, Bio Gas, SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), and Natural Gas. To know more about our advanced KOEL Genset products, reach out to our industry experts today.