Control Panel

Control Panel Manufacturers in India

KALA is a well-accomplished manufacturing company with enviable expertise and experience of product engineering of electrical and instrumental control systems. Since its inception, KALA has been instrumental in pioneering control system technology in India and Overseas.

We have successfully implemented many projects and are capable of serving multiple markets such as machine control, building control, and process control by executing flexible and innovated manufacturing procedures.

Some of our world-class, highly efficient control panels are :

  1. Standard Panel
  2. Automatic Mains Failure
  3. Synchronizing Panels: Used when one DG set needs to be synchronized with two or more DG set
  4. Low Tension/High Tension (LT/HT)
  5. Power Control Center (PCC) Panels: Used for the high amount of power utilization
  6. Motor Control Centre (MCC) Panels: Used under extreme temperature variation demands
  7. Automatic Power Control Panels (APC): Used to boost and improve power factor
  8. Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Panels: Used for Automation of Electro-Mechanical processes
  9. MIMIC Panels - efficiently display the power flow and also the pictorial illustration of the entire control process