5 Reasons To Choose A Portable Diesel Generator For Your Business

5 Reasons To Choose A Portable Diesel Generator For Your Business

As generators have evolved to be more compact and efficient, many businesses and residential areas have found a range of applications for their use. With most of our population working from home and new small-scale businesses emerging, people are realizing the losses one can face even due to short power outages. And leading diesel generator manufacturers in India are now focused on developing new gensets that can cater to their applications.

If you’re a house owner or an industrial business entrepreneur looking for the best power backup option for your establishment, here are five reasons for you to choose a portable diesel generator (DG) over its other alternatives:

Single Generator For Multiple Applications:

Being compact and easily movable, a portable diesel generator can be considered a multipurpose backup option for specific applications at a house or a workshop. When you need a long-time backup for particular rooms or machinery, portable diesel gensets can be easily moved and used as a direct power source like an extra switchboard.

Higher Power Output At Lowest Costs:

Diesel is the most efficient fuel option for gensets as it offers a higher power output than any other fuel per unit. This also allows DG set manufacturers to design a compact generator that provides more power than a relatively larger CNG Genset. Hence, the cost of production is reduced, making it more affordable for the general public.

Longer Backup For Load Shedding Days:

Diesel engines consume fuel more efficiently than others, allowing longer runtime with the same fuel capacity. Portable generators have to be compact and lightweight enough to be movable, which limits the fuel capacity any generator manufacturer can design in their product. For this reason, a diesel generator is your best option to have the most extended power backup during power outages.

Safe To Use In All Applications:

Diesel is the least inflammable fossil fuel, which means it is much safer to handle than other fuels. Other fuels such as petrol or CNG cannot be used in such environments due to their highly volatile nature. This also allows you to use your diesel genset for various industrial applications that involve heat-generating environments.

Best Resale Value:

Being highly durable and versatile in applications, people are always looking for diesel gensets in good condition at a reasonable price. This means you can even resell your old genset to update to a new one and turn a good profit in the process.

DG set manufacturers to play a pivotal role in developing more eco-friendly gensets that can cater to modern electrical appliances and structures. Being one of the leading diesel generator manufacturers in India, Kala Biz is striving towards building such clean and efficient gensets for all scopes of applications. You can talk to our industry experts to learn more about our eco-friendly genset options.