11 Essential Factors To Assess Before Buying A Genset

11 Essential Factors To Assess Before Buying A Genset

Power outages are like a disease, it always comes unannounced and the longer it stays, the more damages and loses are inflicted in your routine life. Power outages are the primary cause of mechanical and financial damage a company suffers every year. And the only right way of protecting your machinery and your profits is to back them up with the benefits of gensets.
Gensets are commonly used by a majority of small and large scale businesses today. You can find a variety of gensets in the market to choose from. However, buying a genset involves crucial analysis to make sure you get a genset that best suits your business. Here are the most important factors you need to take into account before buying a genset:
Here are some quick points to consider while buying a Genset:
Understand & Analyze your power back-up needs, before deciding Genset rating and specifications.
Evaluate the options of single large DG set v/s multiple small sets
Check selected site conditions to meet Genset’s requirements for Optimal performance.
Ensure buying Genset is earlier than when you need it.
Check the service support is available for the Genset In the near vicinity.

Understand your power needs:
Rough calculations need to Select of Power Genset viz :
Frequency and duration of power outages throughout the year.
Nature of loads ( lighting, motor,etc.) and sequence of loading.
The criticality of loads.
Site Conditions i.e. Ambient Temp., Altitude, Relative Humidity (RH)
Expected future expansions/load additions

Choose prudently between The right size of the Genset:
Genset rating selection is governed by high cyclic loads& Provision for future expansion.
In such cases, Genset will run at 40-60% of full capacity.
The fuel efficiency of a large Genset running at 40% load is always lower, as compared to smaller Genset running at 80% load.
The smart selection of 2 Gensets of lower capacity, results in lower lifetime fuel costs.
Consider integrating:
Genset is a large power back-up with substantial investment. Plan for integrating Genset into the power system.
Multiple options :
Auto – Mains – Fail (AMF)
Automatic transfer system
Programmed load segregations

Select the site location:
All Genset Comply Statutory / Regulatory Requirements of India Viz :
Exhaust Gas Emission
Heat & Vibrations Select proper site for the proper functioning of Genset.

Genset is a valuable asset:
Select proven Genset Brand to support maintenance & schedule.
For spare parts
Service for a long period

For any Genset:
Genset life span is 15 years & running cost is more important.
Fuel & consumables governed Fuel economy
Fuel economy leads to saving over its life cycle.

Having looked:
Important factors for running Genset are :
Running cost
Maintenance cost (Spares, Labour charges )
Downtime ( Not Working) of Genset
Complex & delicate Engine are more expensive to mail

Genset Delivery Time:
Buying Genset too early or too late is a disadvantage.
Early purchase damage Genset
The delayed decision, delayed delivery & the desired operation commencing on time.

Check & assess:
Provide power on demand at the serviced location is important. Ensure :
Service Support near Genset Site
Check 24 x 7 customer care support
Experience service Engineers available
Availability of all Spare parts at the time

Buy the Genset:
Buy Genset from reputed brands to meet & comply with CPCB norms.
Using a non –compliant Genset is a breach of Govt. regulations.

Give Importance to:
Plan Installed Genset remain there as many as 15 years are depend on:
Civil Foundation
Electrical Connection
Electrical Earthing

Choosing the right genset is always a pesky task and it’s natural to feel confused between the myriad of options you find in the market today.
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