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Welcome to Kala Genset


KALA GENSET with a state of the art manufacturing and R & D facilities of world standards offer products ranging from Generator, Enclosures, PMS-RMS and Control panels. They are proud to be in developing innovative technologies that benefits industries, institution and individuals. Kala Genset with team highly qualified professionals, manning their R & D facilities constantly Strive to imbibe and incorporate latest technologies into their products.


KALA GENSET one of the Leading Generator Original Equipment Manufacturers for Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd and Largest Manufacturer of Acoustic Enclosure(Canopy) in the Country with Ultra Modern Facilities, CNC Machine set-up for sheet metal Fabrication, in house Powder Coating Plant and State of Art Testing facilities.

Kirloskar generators

The Kala Genset with it’s strict quality control measures and prompt serivce, ensures total satisfaction of their customers. Kala Genset is Accredited with ISO 9001-2008 certification.


power generator
Kala Genset boasts of a range of 2 to 750 kVA in a single running unit. Available in multiple combinations, Kala uses the latest technologies to synchronise their generator, making them extremely cost-effective. They are built to perform in the most demanding conditions – tropical areas, deserts and crowded cities. Kala’s ready-to-use, compact generator are emission compliant.


Power Management System
Power Management System has been developed with cutting-edge Technology to suit the Stringent Specification at sites. It houses Microprocessor based AMF Controller with Digital Metering, AC and DC Electrical Parameters and LCD / Mimic display for easy health monitoring of Power System. Voltage Stabilizer, Static or Servo, Lightening Arrester, Real time based Aviation Light Controller, Alarm Panel for Fire and Smoke, Room temperature and Door safety.


KALA International LLC-OMAN
Design efficiently and construct (EPC) Solar Plants.
Expertise in Design, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering.
Strong Project Management and Execution Teams.
Focus on Quality, Cost and Deliverables (QCD) and Value Engineering.
Opertaion and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Generations.


Kala shelter is made up of “Sandwich Insulated Panels” and is robustly designed to suit the customer requirements.
Shelter Panels
The panels are of 80 mm thickness with PU foam as a filler material between galvanized pre coated steel sheets. The sheets on inner side of shelter have thickness of 0.8 mm and outer sheet have thickness of 0.6 mm. The colour is off white on both sides
Floor and Roof
The floor consists of standard PUF Sandwich Panels with 19 mm Marine Plywood covered with antistatic PVC flooring. Antistatic flooring is done by using anti-static vinyl robust rolls of at least 2 mm thickness. Floor load capacity: 2500 Kg / Sq. m. Roof is made of the panels same as used for walls. A secondary slanting roof of suitable material is provided to protect the primary roof from direct sunlight and rain-water. Slope of 1:80 is provided to the secondary roof which is protruding 150 mm on all sides.Roof load capacity: 250 Kg / Sq. m


Acoustic Canopies
The Acoustic Canopies manufactured by Kala Gensets are Eco friendly Sound Attenuating, come in sophisticated versions, featuring modular construction and Interchangeability. The range includes: Cap on canopies for onsite installation, Containerised acoustic canopies, Mobile or trolley mounted acoustic canopies.
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